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Introducing the bio-energetic work of Wilhelm Reich



Orgone therapy is fundamentally an emotional/bioenergetic method of restoring health and psychological balance to the human being. Reich's discovery of the functional identity of the body and mind represents a true psychosomatic therapy.

Orgone Therapy was created by Wilhelm Reich, MD. Dr. Reich was a close friend and student of Dr. Sigmund Freud, the founder of both psychoanalysis and modern psychology. For nearly ten years Reich helped run Freud's clinic in Vienna, Austria. Freud recognized Reich as a brilliant psychologist.

Reich asked simple questions: Why do the patients not get better? When they do get better why do they regress to their old neurotic patterns?

Reich found that only when patients felt and expressed and integrated the natural emotions which accompanied their psychic content did their health improve and hold fast. Reich's discovery represented a major advance in what is now called psychosomatic medicine.

Reich also found that patients who were able to establish good sex/love lives progressed more rapidly towards physical and psychological health. The bioenergetic connection with their sexual partner also helped keep them healthy.

At first Reich referred to his discovery as "character-analysis," as the therapist now treated the whole character structure, not just the psychic structure: now, for example, the therapist observed not only WHAT the patient said, but HOW and WHY the patient said it.

Reich also noticed that as natural emotions were honestly expressed, movement and breathing also increased. Reich began working directly with movement and respiration in combination with psycho-emotional work. He also employed a unique form of massage to release the tension and memories stored in chronically contracted muscles.

In the late 1930's, Reich, now working in pure science, discovered a specific biological energy, which he called "orgone." Thereafter he refered to his treatment of patients as "orgone therapy."

Orgone energy has now been documented in modern physics as the "Higgs Ocean," and has been referred to (although he does not use the term "orgone") by Dr. Frank Wilczek, Nobel Laureate in Physics as the "Grid," literally, a continuous, sub-quantum ether (his own words) which fills the entire universe."

In short, the orgone, by any other name, is real.

Orgone therapy provides an unparalleled opportunity for those living with deep emotional issues which do not yield to conventional psychotherapy, coaching or spiritual practice.

Because orgone therapy works with the deep energetic, pre-verbal substructure of the human being it can reach and release the core of problems which are rarely otherwise accessable.

I must advise, however, that orgone therapy is not a panacea or cure-all.

How can Orgone Therapy help
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a photo of Dr. Reich in his 50's.

Important Note:


Orgone therapy is accomplished by freeing the natural energies which have become blocked in the organism. Therefore one's lifestyle must change to accomplish orgone therapy.

Psychiatric or psychological orgone therapy cannot be enough in itself. Again, one's lifestyle must change, to a natural way of living accompanied with daily exercise such as swimming, tai chi, biking, dancing, yoga and walking; dietary changes which eliminate toxic "foods" and intakes of excessive alcohol, medications, tobacco, etc., replacing them with fresh, living foods, natural medicines when necessary and very moderate use of intoxicants; and relationships which are nourishing.

All forms of natural, healthy exposure are part of therapy in that they promote the free flow and metabolism of our natural life energies.

Hydrotherapy (such as bathing and swimming); nature therapy (such as wilderness exploration, camping, star gazing, canoeing); family celebrations; loving sexual experience; using a physical orgone energy accumulator; massage therapy and much else which is natural and enjoyable to us is part of the lifestyle change necessary to accomplish the objectives of orgone therapy.

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