Who can orgone therapy help?


The essential purpose of Orgone Therapy is to free our energy which is bound in neuromuscular armoring.

To some degree therapy can help most people.

Every modern person either lacks energy (in which case they lack motivation and cannot really do much) or has energy which is all over the place, often in the form of over-feeling and expression of emotions, especially anger, fear and depression (anger turned against oneself).In either case therapy can help.

When human life energy is distorted, generally beginning in infancy, movements, emotions and thoughts also become distorted. In-fact, the child becomes incapable of becoming an adult!

In their twenties the poor person tries to have fulfilling relationships, but because relationships require mature adult capacities, the person simply cannot. How sad.

By identifying self-defeating behaviors and emotional distortions, the orgone therapist can help bring one's natural emotions and natural adult behaviors into awareness and expression. The armoring is gradually mobilized and released and the person's lifestyle becomes far more positive and self-affirming.

One becomes gradually much healthier and happier.

Please, it is vital that you understand that every bit of emotional and mental distortion goes hand in hand (is functionally identical to) with distortions and illnesses in the body's vital organs and systems!

You don't want to mess around with this! So even if no orgone therapist is available find a traditional therapist who can help you. It's your life.