How are orgone therapists trained?



Currently there is no standardized training for orgone therapists. In Dr. Reich's day one received training by going through the therapy. This process mobilized the person's armor and freed up his or her natural emotional life and psychosomatic process, in essence qualifying him or her to put others through this process. This is still the essence of training as an orgone therapist.

Later, Reich offered didactic training to those who had completed therapy with him. Many of these persons were medical doctors, some were psychologists and other types of counselors or therapists.

Today, and since the 1960's, the American College Of Orgonomy is and has been the closest expression of a group solely dedicated to training orgone therapists. A person seeking such training must be a physician and psychiatrist, as well as complete personal therapy and extensive didactic training. In general, one would have to say that those trained through the ACO are the most qualified to practice safe and successful therapy as outlined by Dr. Reich. However, there are very few orgone therapists trained by the ACO.

There are alternatives. I, myself, studied psychology, health science and physics, then underwent therapy and training with several therapists who were, themselves, trained by doctors trained personally by Dr. Reich. I completed my training spending several years with Dr. Philip Curcuruto, himself trained by a physician whom Reich trained.

At present, very few persons practice orgone therapy. Bioenergetic Analysis, as developed by Dr. Alexander Lowen (who was trained by Reich), is a beautiful form of therapy, but differs from Reich's original work in several critical ways. Primal Therapy borrows from Reich's work, but is actually unrelated to orgone therapy as a therapeutic discipline.

So, in sum, if you are interested in orgone therapy, find some therapist whom you trust, who has a good background, however varied, and go to work. Through the process itself you will find out in which direction to go.


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